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Twin Cities Therapists
Making the decision to seek counseling can be a difficult, yet empowering step. Once the decision is made, the process of finding a therapist who matches your needs can be equally challenging; not only are you looking for the right combination of training and skills, but you will want a personality and therapy style that you\'re comfortable with, even if it is unfamiliar to you. Whether you are searching for a mental health professional with expertise in couples counseling or marriage and family therapy, experience treating depression or anxiety, or who focuses on group therapy for trauma recovery or addiction counseling, you may wonder where to begin this overwhelming process...

Marriage Counseling Guide
Marriage Counseling Guide is a resource dedicated to providing information about marriage and relationship counseling. We have one of the largest directories of marriage counselors on the Internet and help people find marriage counseling professionals absolutely free.

This is an extraordinary resource for anyone looking for help with depression, anxiety, loss, or any other kind of mental, emotional, or chronic physical illness. Dr. John Grohol has created a unique resource for patients, family members, and professionals interested in getting solid, up-to-date information and support to help them deal with these difficult, and often bewildering issues. There's no other website like it.

Twin Cities Mediation with Dan Simon, MA, JD
Betsy Sansby, MS, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Minnetonka “I recently had a phone consultation with another mediator who was working with one of my clients. From the moment we got on the phone, the guy never stopped talking. No wonder my client felt overwhelmed in his presence. When you consult with Dan Simon, he never stops listening. This is what distressed couples need. They do not need another person talking at them or pressuring them into making critical decisions about their lives before they’re ready.”

Drug Abuse Programs & Info
This link is part of the link: The link posted relates to Minnetonka, MN Alcohol Abuse Treatment.

A Forever Recovery in-patient addiction treatment
A faith-based, Christian addiction treatment center in Michigan. Accepts most insurance. Gorgeous, natural setting. 12-Steps, cognitive therapy, holistic approach.

Article about Marriage Counseling
When to Seek Marriage or Relationship Counseling Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons, although infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, communication problems, and power struggles tend to be on the top of the list. Unfortunately, many couples wait until they have been unhappy for years before they pursue counseling. These issues have been allowed to worsen over time, and in some cases, a couple may decide to use therapy as a way to separate respectfully and amicably. An effective counseling session will address a variety of aspects of your relationship, but communication is generally the main focus. When partners are constantly engaged in power struggles, communication problems can result. Failing to make proper repairs to a relationship after an argument can lead to resentment and marital unhappiness, and a good counselor will know that the first step in improving any relationship is to teach healthy communication skills. By teaching couples how to stay calm and regulate t

A place to start for those suffering from Anxiety and Addiction
A good resource for understanding anxiety disorders and treatment options when anxiety and substance abuse occur at the same time. (guide for students with disabilities), a website dedicated to conducting data driven and unbiased research about topics that can help make an impact in people's lives. We have been fortunate enough to be a trusted resource for families, organizations and educational institution throughout the US. Recently our team developed an in-depth tutoring guide designed specifically to help students living with disabilities who may have a harder time in a larger classroom setting. This comprehensive guide covers the benefits of tutoring and resources that are available. You can see the entire guide along with all of its features here:

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