Free Tools
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Here are five homework tools I created for the couples in my therapy practice. What's great about them is that the lessons they teach about good communication are built into the tools themselves. You don't have to explain any complicated theories, and your client's don't have to understand any. As long as they use the tools regularly, their skills will improve.
The Dip-Shift Process
The Dip-Shift Process is a mindfulness practice that develops your ability to recognize, interrupt, and disengage from disabling thoughts, so you can redirect your attention whenever and wherever you choose.
Dip Shift
The Upsy-Daisy Process
The Upsy-Daisy Process is another powerful mindfulness tool you can use to increase, enhance, and reinforce positive experiences. By paying special attention to these experiences and then consciously amplifying their positive effects on you, you actually change the structure of your brain for the better.
Upsy Daisy
The OuchKit E-Cards
The OuchKit is a set of exchangeable cards clients can use between sessions to help them identify and express difficult feelings. I also use them in sessions to help structure difficult communications between couples. I sell complete OuchKits and anyone can send individual OuchKit E-Cards from
Ouch Kit
The Stop Strategy
The Stop Strategy is a free tool your clients use to interrupt a fight before it gets out of hand.
Stop Card
The Art of Conversation
The Art of Conversation is a step-by-step process for talking about sensitive issues without defensiveness or blame. It's free and includes instructions for therapists.
The Art of Conversation
Let me know how these tools work for you! -- Betsy