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Photo of Betsy
Photo of Betsy
"Betsy, I just want you to know that when you stood by my side, you now stand by the side of others as I try to pay it forward. I'm so grateful."

"Thanks so much, Betsy. For the last two years, I have dreaded going to work each and every day. Now I can't wait to get there! I even go early so I can get ready for the day. You were so right about everything, (especially the books and the Alpha-Stim). I really don't know what I would have done without your help."

"We got more from our first session with Betsy than in three years with another counselor."

"I appreciate how real you are. How you capture the essence of an issue, instead of getting lost in symptoms."

"Thank you for your intense curiosity, intelligence, humor, and compassion."

"I'm gaining confidence by using your Mindfulness tools. Thanks for helping me avoid another disaster."

"Being with Betsy is like getting a great mental flossing. I always leave sessions with more to think about."

"I am so grateful to have met you at the worst time of my life. Thanks for your strength and kindness."

"I have such admiration and gratitude for how you helped us. I think about it all the time."

"You didn't turn away, judge, or silence me when things got uncomfortable or difficult."

"You aren't just helping us, you're helping us give our daughters the gift of a peaceful, happy home they feel loved in."

"Thank you for realizing the importance of this event in our lives. Your skills allowed my daughter and me to have a great wedding, filled with great memories."

"You validated my concerns and gave me tools I can use in the future. You taught me to fish."

"Thanks for not giving up on us. We were both ready to call it quits."

"You did amazing things for us. We've had a great couple of months realizing how much we love each other. Couples like us could put you out of business!"

"We worked hard, but you gave us the tools. Without them, we could have worked just as hard and gotten nowhere--except maybe divorced."